Camping with family or friends is a popular summer activity. The tents which are designed for four or more people belong to the category of family tents. Here you will find useful information on the criteria to be considered when buying your big tents for sale.

Tunnel Tent: These tents have straight vertical side walls which offer large space and generously sized entries. Some models are equipped with large eaves and interior walls. In this category, weight plays a secondary role; these tents are usually transported by car.

A tent for 2-3 people, ideal for a trip a weekend or open air. Spacious and inexpensive, it is the perfect choice when weight does not play a decisive role.

Dome Tent: offers better wind stability. You will have a relaxing night, even in stormy weather. Compared to a tunnel tent, its rounded shape somewhat limited space available.

Details that facilitate camping holiday and distinguish a best family tent

The criteria to be considered when purchasing a tent are listed below.

Fitting and comfort

  • Height: If you do not want to have to change clothes or cook curved, make sure your tent is high enough to keep you standing.
  • Entry: How many entries a tent has? What are the shape of the doors and easy to open or close? In this area, the type of cabin tent is the most practical.
  • Structure: The system of arches forming a tent structure determines the simplicity of its installation. The fewer of arches and the tent is easy and quick to assemble.
  • Water Column: The higher it is, the more the tent remains sealed, even during heavy rains.
  • Transport volume: What are the dimensions of the folded tent? This specification is particularly important for campers with a small car or a motorcycle.
  • Ventilation: The doors, windows and ceiling are often equipped with mosquito nets. They improve ventilation and prevent moisture while keeping insects at bay.
  • Living / Eave: The eaves should be large enough to house the camping furniture, luggage or dirty shoes in case of bad weather.
  • Sunshade: A Sunshade is an extra waterproof cover. It is usually hung with the extension of the tent to enlarge the space available.
  • Equipment and interior pockets: A loop is commonly provided in the ceiling of the tent to hang a lantern. To store small objects such as car keys or a flashlight, it is wise to choose a tent with pockets sewn inside.

Useful accessories

Tarpaulin protection / footprint: An additional tarpaulin (tailored, purchase separately) under the tent protects the bottom of it from sharp stones, branches, gravel or mud. The repair or replacement of this cover is much less expensive than replacing the back of the tent. Its use is particularly recommended for family tents, where the comings and goings are frequent. Tarpaulin having the same size as the bottom of the tent, water accumulates between the ground and the tarp and not between the sheet and the bottom of the tent.

Other useful accessories

  • Sardines for sandy soils
  • Broom / dustpan and shovel
  • Hammer and tool to pull sardines
  • Additional sardines and strings

Recommended large tent for sale: Coleman Galileo 8

Coleman is a top brand in best camping tents, and Galileo 8 tent is ideal for family holidays or friends. The area of ​​over 17 square meters can accommodate up to 8 people. It has 4 single rooms of 3 m² each and all are equipped with mosquito nets. Moreover, you will enjoy your stay with a large living area which is more than 5m2.

The polyester double roof 68D is covered with PU 3000mm and is treated to retard the combustion of the tent. The quality of the tent Galileo 8 guarantees a maximum tightness even during strong weather.

The hoops are fiber glass and welded seams. The mat is coated PE and is raised at the edges. It is also removable for easy cleaning your living space.

So now do not hesitate to buy a big tent for your family vacation. You will definitely have a wonderful trip this weekend. Enjoy!